So school’s out and you and your mates are about to hit up one of London’s amazing summer festivals? (Tie-in with a news story with summer festival line-ups) If that’s so maybe you want to learn some tips and tricks on how to survive a summer festival.



I can’t stress this enough, my mates will plan our commute to the festival on the actual day instead of days in advance, as if they are the only ones travelling to the festival. This should not be the case.

Make sure to check out various routes to prevent any traffic. I recommend Citymapper for its step-by-step directions and offline map to getting to the festival without any interruptions that might kill your vibe.

Also charge every single mobile device you’re bringing with you…NOW!

You don’t want to be that person whose phone dies the first five seconds into the first set.

Trick: Make sure you don’t bring a huge bag with loads of stuff as it will take up valuable time of running to the front of the stage due to security bag checks.


Believe me you would want too unless you want to be the person at the far back squinting eyes at the massive dimmed projection screen.

You definitely want to be in the front row busting out some cool moves plus you never know you might get lucky and get a hug, high five or even a kiss on the cheek from your favourite artist or band. So make sure you come very early to queue and be one of the first into the front of the stage.


Self-explanatory, you don’t want to be the snapchat donkey of the day. So make sure to go for toilet regularly. Sure you’ll miss some stuff but try go during sets you’re least fond off.

Step Four: FREE FOOD!

At almost every summer festival they’ll be a sponsor giving out freebies, which is usually food or drinks. Visit and take samples as often as you can. No but for real, I remember being at a summer festival last year and they were giving out packets of walkers. I would go to the stand various times and act like it’s my first time visiting the stand with phrases like:

Like ooooh, what’s this?

Are these free?

Could I try one more these are amazing

Remember these phrases and you’ll be sure to leave the summer festival with more you were willing to spend. If you brought a budget just for booze, then this is your ticket to beer heaven.


Now I don’t understand why festival goers purchase merchandise after the festival, as the sellers are packing up to leave and queues are stretching back to Timbuktu.

My solution to this problem will be to go during sets and intervals. The time you waited and watched U2 stage crew fit up the set you could’ve went and got some U2 merch. A Win! Win! Situation you could say.


Now I don’t want to sound like a parent but be safe and think about your surroundings not everyone’s your friend and just like every event someone wants to ruin it for everyone. If you’re heading off to somewhere without your mates or partner or whatever make sure you let them know. Festivals are a big place and getting lost is quite easy as thousands attend these events.

Make sure you let them know of your whereabouts before leaving the pack

Make sure you and your mates have a point to meet at (For example, the benches at Ed’s Hot Dogs and Burgers or somewhere with an open space).


There’s so much things to do at the summer festival. Maybe you want to enjoy some of the fun fair rides. Chill out, relax with your mates drinking cider before the headline act of the festival comes on or just to walk around and explore its surrounding, whatever the case is be sure that one of London’s festival will be the go to event this summer.

By Dwayne Maxwell

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