‘Dark pop’ band The Neighbourhood announce a new tour after dropping their self-titled album earlier this year.

A spotlight has been shed on The Neighbourhoods style after dropping their album in March. They are adapting to a new change in sound that the band have decided to experiment with, however, the fans were not let down, especially after waiting three years since their prior album “wiped out” came out.

The Neighbourhood have deemed more success and recognition from a variety of age groups and audiences. The band recently supported Alt-J in California on the 28thApril. They also played at Coachella this year and did a live televised performance of their single “Scary Love” on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

The Neighbourhood uploaded a video to YouTube titled “The Neighbourhood – Live on Tour” which aired on the 9thMay reaching almost 30,000 views as of the following evening.


Tickets are released Friday.

By Connor Taylor-Parton

Images Provided By The Neighbourhoods twitter

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