Bethesda studios have officially announced the return of the Rage franchise with Rage 2, due to be released in 2019.

7 years since the release of the first game, the chaotic and divided post-apocalyptic world is back.

The new gameplay footage, released by Bethesda, reveals exactly what many might have been hoping for, an expansive map and a plethora of weapons to play with.

Originally teased but cancelled to make way for the remastering of DOOM, Rage 2 will finally allow players to revisit the wasteland and, well, lay waste to it even more.

Following the story of Nicholas Raine, Rage allowed players to explore the remnants of earth after a devastating meteor strike destroyed civilisation.

Emerging from an underground bunker a century after the disaster, we were able to navigate the vast tundra in Raine’s truck, drawing on some of the best qualities from the Mad Max franchise.

In fact, these similarities may be even more noticeable in Rage 2, as the game is due to be produced by Avalanche studios, responsible for the open-world Mad Max game that was released in 2015.

The original game ended on a controversial cliffhanger and anti-climax, leaving players confused and frustrated. But fans are hoping for that to be addressed in this unexpected sequel.

The announcement of Rage 2 follows a trend in Bethesda to reboot old franchises, exemplified by the 2017 release of Prey. All things considered, the recent success of the studio should give players something to look forward to, especially if you like driving fast and blowing shit up.

By Kyle Arthur

Images provided by Bethesda/Twitter


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