Kim Kardashian-West, on her mission for prison reform, went to meet the current president of the United States Donald Trump to discuss the release of first time offender Alice Marie Johnson. A lot of people were sceptical about the meeting once it was announced, I mean: what does Kim Kardashian know about prison reform? Well it doesn’t matter what her knowledge is on the topic as she was successfully able to get President Trump to release Alice Marie Johnson from prison and whatever your views are on Kim, this is a wonderful thing she has done and deserves some credit for getting it to happen. There are thousands of others suffering from America’s unjust justice system and hopefully this will be the first of many releases.

The meeting between President Trump and Kim Kardashian does raise the question: what does Trump get out of this? And plenty of people across social media had the same sentiments and there was a common answer. Trump is using Kim Kardashian for political legitimacy. In an interview on CNN, interviewer Van Jones gives the statement that “Trump is using you as a political pawn … you’ve endorsed him, you’ve given him legitimacy” and the moment that Kim realises that President Trump has in fact used her is one of the best things you’ll see on the internet.

Kim Kardashian has a combined social media following of 202 million, anything she does trends, she is pop culture, so for her not to realise that President Trump who is one of the most disliked presidents especially among millennials is using a figure that some millennials follow religiously to gain “cool points” is using her is beyond me but as long as Trump and the rump are continuing to release people hard done by America’s justice system then I’m all for it.

By Estrella Mabika

Image provided by Donald Trump/Twitter

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