The critically acclaimed modern classic Adventure Time, which has aired on Cartoon Network since April 2018 will finally be coming to its end after ten seasons with its finale, titled “Come along with Me” (a reference to the closing theme music) which will air on 3rd September.

The finale will be a longer episode at 44 minutes, the equivalent of four regular episodes and the longest in the franchises history. It will showcase The Great Gum War between Princess Bubblegum and her allies including main heroes Finn and Jake, and her Uncle Gumbald who had assembled a gallery of rogues comprising of past antagonists (and a very confused Ice King.)

The trailer is scarce on details but promises the Ultimate Adventure so buckle up and grab your friends!

A clip was also released featuring Princess Bubblegum and co forming their plan, with fan favourite Lemongrab (played by Justin Roiland of Rick and Morty Fame) disagreeing with an alternative strategy.

By HW Reynolds

All rights belong to Cartoon Network.

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