You know that feeling when you meet someone and you feel the entire zoo in your stomach, like butterflies trying to escape or like when you’re on a roller coaster and it suddenly goes down very fast and you feel your insides upside down? Wow, hold on did that sound kinda yikes? Well, I didn’t mean it like that, although, if you’re not careful you might cry your guts out, but lets start from the top first.

When women take hours to prepare for their first date and men go and get a fresh haircut.

When women change 20 different outfits till they find the perfect one and men put on their favourite perfume and watch.

When both try to impress…

People are so different, and that’s the beauty of them. Someone can feel an instant spark with the first look, while someone else needs to invest on them and get to know them first and gradually have that spark; but also, it’s about timing. What happens when the first one that felt it instantly is tired of waiting till the other person feels it, and nowadays how many people have the patience to wait to be loved? Who’s willing to take it so slow and who’s not?

No one should wait to be loved, but does that mean we are not giving the other person the chance to try? Most of the times you will have an answer that comes from within, for everyone, but do we listen to it or do we ignore it? I mean really listen.
The longest relationship he had been in was three years, and for her, one year.
Both excited to start this, she was stunning, something he couldn’t even imagine could ever happen to him. She never imagined that someone could treat her respectfully and worship her like that.

One of them was feeling lesser than the other, should that have raised a red flag? Was this relationship doomed from the beginning? But if they never tried, then how would they know? So they did.

No relationship should be just fine, those two people were always trying to find new ways of loving each other, to regenerate it every day but you shouldn’t have to try every day to be happy with someone, it should come naturally. After a while it didn’t anymore, the spark was growing for him but for her that little fire was burning out. There was nothing wrong with them, it just happens sometimes and the explanation well let’s just say there isn’t any, life.

After a few months of being together it ended. He was in love and she wasn’t. She loved him as a person and it shouldn’t be just that, that’s just settling for something, ‘’normal’’.
As hard as it was, she did the right thing. A few more months down the line it would have been harder, dragging him along, and that is wrong to do to another human being.

His reaction to not understanding her was right as well, because how can the switch be turned off just like that, and when you’re in love you’re not thinking the easy way out, but to fix it.

Oh my gosh, this word has been used so much, ‘’love’’. Does this couple even know what it means or is it you that dosen’t know? Who can define it exactly anyway!

The question is, how does that feeling sometimes just go away and we just break up, what did our grandparents do if that happened? Back in that era it wasn’t like now, so I asked my grandmother and all she had to say to me was: “too much freedom, you kids nowadays can change as many partners as you want because something’s missing but you never stick to one, to find out if that person has everything you want, so you’re lazy. You throw it away hoping to find something better, we never had that luxury of choice, but then again we also learnt to find everything we wanted on our first crush, and she said it with a pure smile.”

It got me thinking, should you try to make it work even if you see it’s not going to, or risk it and go to the next hoping for the best?

That’s a dangerous choice you have today.

By Kristi Bardi

Images provided by Rudolf Kirchner/Pexels

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