Animated band Gorillaz, fronted by singer 2D (Damon Albarn) have released a new music video for their latest single “Tranz” taken from their recent album “The Now Now.”

The video is simple and direct, presenting the group enthusiastically (aside from Noodle anyway) playing along to the track whilst the background visuals slowly creep along with psychedelic wonder. As the video progresses the visuals become more distorted and bizarre, making for a disturbing but funky experience.

Gorillaz comprises of 2D, Noodle, Russell Hobbs and currently on bass, Ace (who took over from controversial fictional figure Murdoc Niccals following his imprisonment for smuggling.)

The band first came into the public knowledge back in 2000 with their single “Tomorrow Comes Today.”

By HW Reynolds

Images provided by Gorillaz

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