Can you take me back?

Today on the official twitter page for The Beatles the account teased further details of the upcoming “White Album” Deluxe re-release, which was confirmed earlier this year by former Beatle Paul McCartney.

Sources have confirmed that media listening parties are to take place in New York City on 26th September. The information being shared on the different editions for set are as follows:

There will be:
-A 4-LP set (2 discs of the new stereo remix + 2 discs of Esher demos)
-A 3-CD set (same material as above) (Allegedly two of the CDs are the new remix and the third CD is the Esher demos.)
-A Super Deluxe CD Box (3 CDs as above + 3 CDs of outtakes). Plus the box will include a Blu-ray disc that will be audio only. There will be no video.

There are also outtakes included and amongst these are  “Hey Jude,” “Revolution,” “Inner Light,” “Across the Universe,” “Lady Madonna,” and non-album tracks/jams/improvisations and some rehearsals too. An expected release date for all these editions is 9th November.

Beatles fans be sure to keep an eye out for further news!

By HW Reynolds

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