Confirmed for Japanese release on October 31st 2019!

Atlus has officially revealed Persona 5 The Royal today at the Big Persona Super Live Concert being held in Tokyo, Japan.

Based on the trailer it appears that new characters will be playable and there will be new areas to explore as well. It is possible that this will act as Persona 4 The Golden did, adding new dungeons, S Links and maybe alter the main storyline as well. So far this is what we know, thanks to BlackKite and PushSquare:

A new character has been revealed in the trailer, known as Kasumi Yoshizawa. She’s a new character and party member, who looks to use a sword and rifle in battle situations. She is not a female version of the main character as many have speculated. There is also a new confidant in the form of Takuto Maruki, he is the school counsellor at Shujin Academy.

The story has also been expanded further to include a whole new semester between the months of January and March. Along with this, there will be new locations to visit and new social links and events to develop. There are also a number of smaller changes and changes to Palaces, which will seemingly be remixed slightly. The game will also include new music tracks and more.

Further information will likely come in the months leading up to the games’ release date, which is currently 31st October in Japan. Information of a Western release has not yet been provided.

The event will continue tomorrow, wherein details for Persona 5 S will be showcased. Possible speculation indicates that this will be a Switch port of the game, but we’ll have to wait and see!

By HW Reynolds 

Images provided by Atlus

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