Football could be forever changed!

Will the proposed Project Big Picture and the European Super League lead to the death of the Premier League and football around the world? We discuss possible theories on what a Super League would entail and give our opinion on both proposals.

Check out our discussion on this topic and more, featuring hosts Jimmy and Shaun. More episodes will follow in the coming weeks, alongside potential new series on this channel, so stay tuned.

By Jimmy Ioannou

One thought

  1. Super League should be the top 2 from every country each year each year from top 10 countrys the champions League should be only the champions the 3rd 4th 5th Europa the carabo should stay the same but teams that are in these competitions should stil play enter both English cups but be allowed to play there reserves or under 23s Liverpool have won 2champs league and so have man u won 1 and they weren’t champions u can’t say or class this as 5 cups and 3 cups it really 3 cups 2cups the European cup only let the champions of there own league enter and the rules of the game keep being tampered with man it’s could not play there best team when they dominated the prem and would definitely have won more champions Leagues if it wasn’t for the 4 foreigners rule and the messed up the role of a defender as when I played u were taught to push up and if the attacking had someone in an offside position it was offside simple now a defence can’t play the offside any more as three people could be caught offside but someone runs to through and it’s allowed these people have never played the game before who make the rules it like we built roundabouts to not have to have traffic lights then they stick traffic lights on a roundabout or sticking a zebra crossing straight after a roundabout it just all about the money basically some times change ain’t for the better


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