Part two focuses on the technical aspects of this classic collection…

Video and Audio

Season 17 sometimes features slightly tattier sets and monsters but generally looks solid on Blu Ray. Some of the more filmic sequences hold up nicely as well. From an audio perspective, Mark Ayres has again worked wonders, complete with 5.1 Surround Sound options for Destiny of the Daleks and Shada.

The Packaging

Season 17 features the well-established packaging as a stylised fold-out book with a compartment for the booklet and a stack of disc trays. The exterior artwork by Lee Binding is colourful and features the now well-established collage of monsters alongside the Doctor donning his grey coat. We also get another insightful booklet with retrospective writing by Pete McTighe.

The Special Features

Season 17 continues The Collection line by combining special features new and old, collating most of what was included on the  DVD releases whilst adding insightful new documentaries and staples such as Behind the Sofa segments and a new In Conversation interview by Matthew Sweet.

The new behind the sofa segments are great thanks to some winning combinations including Colin Baker and Matthew Waterhouse and Katy Manning and Nicola Bryant, who compliment each other well. We also get Mat Irvine, June Hudson and Graeme Harper together to provide more behind the scenes and technical insights which were nice to see.

For Season 17 late Doctor Who writer, creator of K9 and co-creator of Wallace & Gromit Bob Baker is interviewed by Matthew Sweet and the two cover his long career over an hour of insightful discussion which provided one of the highlights of this release.

Shada meanwhile is presented in three formats – the original 1992 VHS release with Tom Baker filling in the gaps, the 2017 feature-length version and finally a new six-part edit which I discussed in the season review portion. 

Some classic DVD highlights include The Dalek Tapes, which details every Dalek story from 1963’s The Daleks up to 1988s Remembrance of the Daleks, and A Matter of Time, a retrospective documentary on the Graham Williams era which covers its highs and lows. 

The future of The Collection line is to be determined, though rumours of a Season 22 set not being too far off due to new projects being filmed is a good sign. Perhaps 2022 will be the year a 60s season materialises but we will see. 

The Stories:


The Packaging:


The Video:


The Audio:


Special Features:



3/5 – Season 17 isn’t exactly a favourite of mine, and though revisiting it for this review did help me appreciate some stories more so than before, I ultimately feel that the season is still uneven in quality. That said, the team behind these sets have delivered as usual and fans of the season should definitely seek this out.

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Look back at Part One of the review for more detail on the stories included.

By HW Reynolds

Images courtesy of BBC

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