Ryan Reynolds has been traveling across the globe to promote Deadpool 2, hitting the screens in the United Kingdom on 16th May 2018. A sequel to the extremely successful former Deadpool which was released in 2015.

Whilst in South Korea, Ryan stopped by a Korean game show named “King of Masked Singer”. The show has normal contestants, usually not famous, performing a song with a mask hiding their identity. The contestants then get judged by a panel.

Ryan’s choice of song was ‘tomorrow’ from the musical ‘Annie’. He wore a unicorn costume to hide his identity.

Many fans in the comments believe they recognised his tone of voice after the first line. However, in the video, it took fans a while to realise who was under the mask, and after he took the mask away from his face, revealing his identity, the crowd were shocked, screaming and asking for pictures.

The videos of his performance are going viral on Twitter reaching the ‘moments’ page.

This is the second-time Ryan Reynolds has been trending within the past 4 days as a short two-minute video was uploaded on the official Deadpool YouTube channel featuring David Beckham promoting Deadpool 2.

By Connor Taylor-Parton

Images and Videos Provided By King of Masked Singer

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