“When the fighting has stopped, and the fallout has settled…”

Bethesda have come through with an announcement for a new entry to the Fallout series, Fallout 76. The game will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and was announced after a 24 hour livestream on Twitch.

Not much is known about what this game will entail, more information will be available on June 10th at Bethesda’s E3 conference.


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Vault 76 has a history in Fallout lore as being one of the only vaults not to be a part of the various Vault-Tec experiments featured in the series. Kotaku reported that Fallout 76 will be “an online game of some sort.” While, Polygon has also heard the game will feature multiplayer.

The teaser trailer is featured above, what do you think the game may entail? Make sure you stay tuned during E3 to find out more!

By Jimmy Ioannou

Images provided by Bethesda Softworks/Bethesda Game Studios

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