An announcement today accompanying a colour spread by author Sui Ishida confirms that the acclaimed sequel to Tokyo Ghoul is coming to an end sooner than most had thought.

The original manga, which was published between September 2011 and September 2014 had a Run of 143 chapters so at first fans thought that Ishida would parallel this due to reoccurrences in the artwork and themes.

Tokyo Ghoul: re, which began serialisation in October 2014 has since run past this, currently sitting at 176 as of the day this article will be published. Its 143rd chapter had proved not to be the end, although it certainly felt like it. It being the title of the first chapter, may have suggested that re would run for 206 chapters but with this recent news the theory has now been debunked.

It is currently not known whether the Tokyo Ghoul series will see a part 3, we’ll have to be patient for now. In the meantime the anime (see my thoughts of the first half here) is set to conclude in two weeks, but will be returning for a second season.

By HW Reynolds

Image provided by Viz Media

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