Titans, the flagship show of DC’s new streaming service, has released a better look at one of its main characters. Brenton Thwaites pictured here as the fan favourite Dick Grayson/Robin, in a costume which looks like it has taken some inspiration from both the comics, as well as a more grittier version similar to that of Christian Bale’s Batsuit in the Dark Knight.


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The costume has been praised in the past for being comic accurate, as well as looking quite good for a TV budget. With the only real criticism being the bow staff, which is not featured in this set of images.

‘Titans’ will feature a wide cast of comic book superheroes, including Robin/Nightwing, Raven, Starfire, Beast Boy, Hawk, Dove and the Doom Patrol. With rumours that more heroes will join as the series continues.

‘Titans’ will air later this year, and will be followed by its spin-off, ‘Doom Patrol’, sometime in 2019. More series will follow, including the likes of Swamp Thing, Harley Quinn and the long awaited 3rd season of Young Justice. More information may become available at San Diego Comic-Con.

By Jimmy Ioannou

Images provided by DC Entertainment/Twitter

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