The comic-book superheroine will be receiving her very own TV series, joining the ranks of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Black Lightning and Legends of Tomorrow.

Creator of the CW Arrowverse, Greg Berlanti, and Caroline Dries (The Vampire Diaries) are developing the comic-book drama. Earlier this year it was announced that Batwoman and Gotham City would be a major part of the next annual CW Superhero crossover in December, and now it seems that the crossover will function as a backdoor pilot.

With Gotham, over at Fox, ending next year, this may mean we could see more Gotham/Batman related assets and villains appear in both Batwoman and the rest of the CW shows.

Batwoman, not to be confused with the character of Batgirl, is a character who was created by writer Edmond Hamilton and artist Sheldon Moldoff in 1956, at a time when DC was trying to expand Batman’s supporting cast.


The character was first introduced as Kathy Kane, but was reinvented in the modern era as the now more widely known Kate Kane. In the comics, she is the cousin of Bruce Wayne, but is a superhero in her own right. She is an openly lesbian comic character, who has had previous relationships in the comics with Maggie Sawyer, a character previously featured in the Supergirl show, played by Floriana Lima. Whether or not she will return for Batwoman is yet unknown.

Despite being a member of the bat family, Batwoman has been an entirely independent character and has even been the lead in her own comic series, as well as Detective Comics in 2009-2010 and more recently in Rebirth.

Batwoman joins the countless amount of DC shows across a wide range of networks, both in development or currently airing. These include Titans and Doom Patrol on DC’s streaming service, DC Universe.

An air date is currently unknown, but is expected to release sometime next year. No casting information is currently available either. We may get more news at San Diego Comic-Con, starting 19th July.

By Jimmy Ioannou

Images provided by Dave Kotinsky/Getty; The CW, DC Comics/Warner Bros.

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