After almost two years since the anime adaptation for ‘Diamond is Unbreakable’ was released we are finally seeing more JoJo in animated form. A teaser for said anime was unveiled and can be seen below.

Studio David Production are once again adaptating the work of Mangaka Hirohiko Araki, a series which has been ongoing since 1986. The teaser showed a colourful barrage with that signature JoJo style that fans have come to love, emulate and endlessly make memes out of.

Some of the cast were also announced:
Kensho Ono as Giorno
Yuichi Nakamura as Bruno
Junya Enoki as Pannacotta
Daiki Yamashita as Narancia
Kousuke Toriumi as Guido
Junichi Suwabe as Leone

Anyone attending Anime Expo 2018 also saw an opportunity to witness the first episode in action, before it officially comes out later this year.

By HW Reynolds

Image belongs to David Production

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