Controversial documentarian Michael Moore is back with another documentary tackling the current political climate in America. In 2002 we got Bowling for Columbine, which tackled gun laws, in 2004 we got Fahrenheit 9/11 which tackled the bush administration post 9/11 (currently the highest grossing documentary of all time) and now we have Fahrenheit 11/9 which will take on the Trump Administration and how America is changing under it.

The trailer opens with Moore declaring “How the f*ck did this happen?” And looks to be a similar style of comedic flare matched with provocative documentation that Moore has become synonymous with. It also features the ominous declaration of “Ladies and Gentlemen: the last President of the United States.”

The film is due to release in the US on (you guessed it) the 21st September. There is currently no release date for the UK but it’s likely we’ll get one soon.

By HW Reynolds

Images courtesy of Michael Moore/Facebook

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