Men have been doing this for centuries. How would you feel if I told you, that the woman across your table is dating three different men at the same time? Weird? Judgmental? Shocked?

If you combined these three people all together you would have your dream man.
One of them has the sentimental side of it and not afraid to be attached, loyal and honest.
With the other one, they have the greatest sexual chemistry and he has the education/status.

The last one, knows how to respect a woman, simply by saying; I don’t want to mistreat anyone, how would I feel if another man did that to my sister, so I’m not going to be one of those.

Aren’t these things simple? Why is it so hard to find that in just one piece of cookie?
Of course, nothing is perfect but come on, women have all these qualities, look at statistics, why would you need to feel like a ‘slut’ because you want it all? Hunny, you deserve it all.

When you’re single and you’re on the look out, apparently there are no strict rules and all of your friends will say to you; it’s okay, you’re still experimenting, it will all work itself out, but will it?

When you were a kid, most mums did not allow you to have all three cookies, she said pick one and as hard as it was, you did pick one. Nowadays we can afford more than one and therefore we are greedy or is it the luck of not being able to choose one?
There are a million cookies out there, you just have to pick the one closer to your taste but get this; if you’re gluten free, lactose free, prefers dark chocolate smothered in white chocolate, with crushed peanuts and fruit jellies, yes it might sound weird but that’s her taste, why should she need to compromise and not have this, all because no one is able to have the same taste as her? You’re telling me that no one in the world has that same taste? I refuse to believe it.

And yes we can compromise but the question is, is it a can or is it a must?

At the end of the day she will probably realise that she has to make a choice and most likely she’s going to choose herself because if she had found her favourite cookie, she wouldn’t be looking for the fruit jellies or the crushed peanuts, but should she be judged for trying? No, everyone has a choice… keep looking or settle for just the gluten-free.
If you don’t make mistakes how are you going to learn and probably learn more about yourself?

There are different kind of people, the ones who always look for more with the risk of perhaps never finding it and the ones who don’t want to risk because they are content with what they have.

All I’m saying is that nowadays there more choices but don’t take too much advantage of it.

There is no expiration date for your favourite cookie!

By Kristi Bardi

Image provided by Oleg Magni/Pexels

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