With Gamescom in full swing, Capcom has finally announced a release date for the next instalment in the Devil May Cry Franchise.

The confirmed release date for DMC 5 is March 8th 2019. Not only that, but we’ve been treated by not only one, but two gameplay trailers. Check out the release date trailer below, which showcases an older Dante…

There are still a lot of details not yet known, but it is known to be a sequel of the mainline Devil May Cry games as opposed to the latest reboot, and will follow Nero as he sets off to find something or someone he’s lost while something mysterious is occuring in the Demon world. The gameplay footage itself prominently features protagonist Nero, who first appeared in DMC4.

The 2nd trailer is courtesy of IGN and showcases 15 minutes of DMC 5 footage shown at Gamescom…

By Jimmy Ioannou

Images provided by Capcom

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