Life in this century has become complicated day by day. Work, social life, relationships, norms, traditions…

Many people wished they lived in a different era where things were a bit simpler such as, you called a friend to meet up for a coffee and they would be available, now you kind of have to book them a week in advance because they are only available between 5pm till 9pm on Thursday the 13th.

When you got married it meant something, people didn’t just separate when faced with the first difficulty, they fixed their problems whereas nowadays it is easier to cheat or divorce because some of them perceive marriage as a piece of paper.
Or work, there was no need for five different certificates and ten years of experience to validate that you are capable of that job, you just went in and they gave you the chance to try.

A lot of these things seem so much more hard and complicated, but that’s because of how people have changed. People have become more selfish and think of their own pleasures before which there is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself but at the same time you become unaware of consequences.

That young man over there lying down on that sunbed near the swimming pool, yes the handsome one, he’s got some flirting skills. The woman next to him is laughing, they are having drinks, playing cards, having a great time together. It seems that their chemistry is extraordinary.

It’s her last day on holiday today, it looks like a beautiful summer romance.
Would you think there is something missing? Yes, the wedding ring on his finger. For hours they would be talking and swimming and then he pops a question; do you have a boyfriend? Well she thought if I did I wouldn’t be flirting and getting to know you and then, he went silent for a moment. ‘’I am married’’ WOW – WHAT! There was a gap until she spoke to him again but then again nothing had happened between them so they decided to carry on discussing in a friendlier manner, well, tried.

Then the night fall came, drinking one too many cocktails, bar crawling, listening to their favourite music and suddenly, boom, they kissed. They stopped, looked at each other questioning themselves, but things escalated quickly and let’s just say luckily the windows in his car were dark and you couldn’t see through.

It was wrong but the way they felt wasn’t.

What if that strange feeling was a challenge for their own selves, battling head and heart, or was it head and lust? Should they be judged? Was it a mistake?

She’s a single woman and can literally do whatever she wants with no consequences, but her morals are creating those voices in her head that said it is wrong! Point the finger at him, being incapable of holding his promise, his vows and blows it for a one night stand, but the head doesn’t think when the heart takes over. That affair was so wrong and so right in many ways. Life has a strange way of bringing people together and separating them again.

When she shared the story with me one part of me was judging, thinking how could they and the other one was fascinated. Who has created these rules in our everyday life, religion? Society?

When I mentioned above that people have become selfish this is what I mean, none of them thought about anything else other than living that moment and not letting it pass by. The word regret has a weird meaning, you can regret the things you haven’t done or regret the things you have done.

This story is very common. Nowadays or a hundred years ago, affairs always happened but back then it was harder and today all it takes is one look, one drink. As humans we have our primary thought but then there’s always that BUT.

By Kristi Bardi

Image provided by Fernando Weberich/

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