It appears that BBC worldwide have accidentally sent the incorrect/faulty versions of Disc 5 “Revenge of the Cybermen” to some of those who applied to the scheme. In order to check whether your disc is the correct one or not examine the credits at the end of episode one.

If an actor called Michael Wisher has his name misspelt as “Michael Wiaher” then you have been sent the wrong disc. Other telltale signs have been documented in this forum.

In order to receive a corrected Disc 5 please contact the BBC at explaining your situation and attach your address. You will not need to resend a proof of purchase.

Check out our other articles (BBC Support) on the matter, including our reviews on the product as a whole (Part 1 & Part 2), for more information.

We will have an update when the disc has been resent and received.

By HW Reynolds

Images provided by BBC/Doctor Who

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