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There are countless dating websites and thousands of people looking for love, lust, company or even friendship. They are designed to bring people together.

I have known people who just met once or twice; people that were new to the city and wanted to make new friends, and people who were looking for love.
Like everything in life, there are pros and cons.

You can find someone who is just looking for fun, and its easy to do so, with one click or one swipe. Just put a good profile picture and some of your interests and, boom, ready. They don’t have to spend that much effort and its easier this way. It might be laziness, or frankly, some fast sloppy way to get out there. It might be out of boredom or loneliness. It could also be that some people can’t handle rejection that well.
Meeting someone face to face like the, “old fashioned way”, you have to get to know that person, spend some time with them and when things don’t go your way you can’t just delete that profile.

So how can someone say it’s good or bad?

In one week’s time, I’m going to a friend’s wedding. This couple met online, everyone thought that the relationship wouldn’t go anywhere, because ‘stereotypes’ right. However, this couple will be celebrating their third year anniversary together, and I can’t decide what their wedding present is going to be.

He’s thinking about his speech, and he expressed his worry that he doesn’t want to say that they met through a dating website, but why is that even bad? Love can find you at different times throughout your life and frankly, when it’s right it’s right, don’t think about the rest.

The other couple didn’t have this happy ending in brackets though because let’s just say none can know what happens behind closed doors anyway, but they met the same period and she said it was just such a bad experience and she doesn’t want to meet anyone unless it’s face to face.

Judging someone from a profile picture, or from their interests or followers on social media, is so fake. You never know if that’s just an front to attract people, and then you meet and it’s actually bad. They met, in a public place, far away from their houses, it went fine but then she became so obsessed with it or him, to this day no one knows, but it was easy for him to just block her account and be done with it. He presented it as a privilege you don’t have in real life. Now I think everyone will disagree because that can happen no matter what, but with online dating, you can just never reply again. Perhaps when you have met through a friend or exchanged numbers, it’s a little harder to get that burden off your shoulder. It’s a part of life that we have the luxury to design.

Don’t pre-judge before trying it yourself, because anything is possible and no one wants to live their life without trying things and experiencing new situations. Right?
Questioning things is part of human nature and it raises awareness.

It is so strange that nowadays you can do things that you never thought you’d be able to a few years ago and life is so precious and you don’t know what tomorrow will bring – finding your soul mate or never try online dating. At the end of the day these things can help build character or even give you a topic to talk about and make you think that things aren’t always black and white.

By Kristi Bardi

Images provided by Bruce Mars/

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