May contain spoilers!

If a movie can ever be described as, “glo’ing up”, it’s definitely this film. ‘The Intent 2’ is ‘The Intent’ upgraded, the film is an improvement on the first in every avenue. The dialogue, the cinematography, the plot line, the acting, everything. Everyone involved in this film, including director Femi Oyeniran, certainly stepped their game up and the addition of Rapper ‘Ghetts’ in the film was absolute genius, for someone who has just made his acting debut, you would think he was a veteran. Ghetts shines with an almost perfect performance, portraying the troubled Jay who has split loyalties and constantly trying to do the right thing but also making sure he takes care of number one.

The Intent 2 is the story of the events prior to The Intent, the film gives us the background on how the gang Clappers were formed and the dynamics and relationships within the group. And then there’s the queen pin Beverly. She’s been running the streets of East London with an iron fist using the clappers as her lackeys, the film follows the story of the boys working for her, trying to get more cocaine whilst there is drought and the Turks are supplying the rest of London.

At the premiere…

The Intent 2 is a gritty, London based drama that touches on every aspect of life; love, family, loyalties, money and respect. Hopefully the Intent 2 can open the door again for an abundance of black British film. The movie stars Ghetts, Adam Deacon, Ashley Chin, Femi Oyeniran and Nicky Walker, along with a bunch of music stars including Fekky, Krept & Konan and more.

It’s a must watch, catch it at your local cinemas this Friday 21st September.

By Estrella Mabika

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