This afternoon, Lil Wayne took to Twitter claiming he would be making an announcement at 5 pm (GMT-4). With a lot of speculation surrounding the release of his fifth instalment to Tha Carter series, a lot of people were desperately hoping to hear the answer to the question that has been on their minds for the past few years.

Hopes and prayers were answered when later that day, Lil Wayne posted a Youtube link to his Twitter feed:

The video starts with him getting out of a car and him speaking out to his fans while it follows him.

“Message to the world, to my fans, all my supporters. I heard there was a misunderstanding about the release date of C5. I heard ya’ll got a little mixed up and ya’ll thought it was being released like last week or something.”

Lil Wayne was referencing to when Mike Tyson posted a photo of a red ‘V’ against a black backdrop to his Instagram. The caption of the said photo read “#21.” This lead a lot of people to believe that Tha Carter V was being released on the 21st of that same month.

He doesn’t waste any time revealing the piece of information that fans are eager to hear.

“On my birthday, I actually have something special. I will be releasing the Carter V on my birthday.” He then says: “If ya’ll don’t know when my birthday is, Wikipedia does. Wiki me bish”

The rapper’s birthday is on the 27th September, which turns out to be only two days from today. Although this seems sudden him announcing it so close to the release date, Lil Wayne has admitted in the past that he has never felt the need to promote his albums.

Wayne goes on to thank his fans for maintaining their support to him.

“I can’t do nothing but thank ya’ll for all the love and all the passion and all the… every ounce of… every ounce of everything I have left in my heart. It goes to ya’ll.”

He then ends by explaining a little bit of what Tha Carter V has in store for us all:

“Wih this album, I always give you all if me, but with this album, I’m giving you more than me. You gotta always remember that. That this is years of work. This is four or five or six years of work that you’ll be listening to.”

If you are a hardcore fan and you’ve followed Tunechi’s journey and battle for the release of Tha Carter V, you’ll understand what he means by this.

“On my birthday ladies and gentlemen, I will be releasing Tha Carter V.”

Tha Carter V releases September 27th 2018.

By Sam Dawson

Images provided by Lil Wayne/Twitter & Ronald Martinez/Getty Images


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