X-Men fans rejoice as the official X-Men Twitter page has dropped the first trailer for this upcoming entry into the long-running franchise.

This film follows after the critical disappointment that was X-Men Apocalypse and promises a darker story that adapts Chris Claremont and John Byrne’s “The Dark Phoenix Saga”, that was previously explored in X-Men: The Last Stand (to mass fan dismissal).

Since the events of that film were retconned following 2014’s ‘Days of Future Past’, this is an opportunity for fans to hopefully get a better insight into the darker side of the X-Men franchise.

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Dark Phoenix is being directed by Simon Kinberg who worked on previous X-Men films and will maintain the cast from Apocalypse with James McAvoy (Split) and Michael Fassbender playing the iconic Professor Xavier and Magneto respectively, whilst the title character is portrayed once again by Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones) in her first lead role.

X-Men Dark Phoenix releases on June 7th 2019.

By HW Reynolds

Images courtesy of Fox/Marvel

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