The Essex boy band are expected to release a fourth album on the 8th February 2019 titled ‘Halfway There’. That might be a long wait, but the band has graced fans with the release of a song from the album titled ‘Nineties’. It was released on the 2nd November and it is taking the group back to their origins. This is not only in terms of what they sing about but also in terms of the music.

Their third album, ‘Nightdriver’, which brought the band back together after thirteen years, was a shift away from the pop/rock style they had back in the early noughties. It wasn’t well received, especially when put next to their first two albums. This fourth album, however, has seemed to have gotten fans excited to hear the Busted they have missed.

On 12th November, the music video to their new single was released, bringing back a lot of fond memories of the Busted. Their altered school uniform, the hot class teacher walking between the desks and the display of rebellious energy reminds us all of one of their greatest hits: “What I Go To School For.” They have also recreated scenes of them performing in Top Of The Pops, wearing flashy 90’s clothes and styled like a classic 90’s band. We’re coming to a time now where people who grew up in the nineties are old enough to reflect on that decade and compare it with our current times. With it being quite recent, there haven’t been as many references to that decade in music as there have been for other eras.

Matt spoke to Digital Spy stating that: “we made something we love, and we hope our fanbase will love.” Their new album may not be something the new generation will be into, having EDM in most of the chart music. Though the boyband can be sure that the fans that grew up with them will certainly love it if it is anything like their latest single and their music before they split. A UK Tour for 2019 was announced on 2nd November and is now close to selling out. They plan to perform at Glasgow (23rd March), Cardiff (26th March), Manchester (28th March), Birmingham (29th March), and London (30th March).

“Night Driver” peaked at 13th place in the charts which is considerably less than their first two which peaked at 2nd. Although they’re only halfway there, we will have to wait until February of next year to find out if they outsell Michael Jackson this time.

By Sam Dawson

Images provided by Busted/Twitter

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