The cult classic returns!

After a slight delay the Red Dwarf Series I-VIII Blu Ray boxset is finally here.

The Boxset features all the episodes, remastered in HD alongside a plethora of extras (according to the Red Dwarf website every special feature from the prior DVD releases are included in this set.)

The set is also made up of ten Blu Ray discs for the episodes and eight DVDs holding the extras for each of the respective seasons, plus the bonus disc containing the previously sought after Bodysnatcher content. The set retails for £39.99, making it an amazing value considering how much content there is.

Now onto the unboxing:

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The inside includes 2 digipacks which contain the discs, alongside the two digipacks is a booklet detailing the contents of each of the 19 discs.

Inside the series I-IV digipack is a flier advertising Back to Earth and series’ X-XII as well as the Bodysnatcher Bonus Disc.

The set releases officially on 14th January 2019, so keep an eye out online or instore.

By HW Reynolds 

Images provided by BBC

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