“Please understand.”

The highly anticipated fourth entry in the Metroid Prime series has seen a major setback as Nintendo confirmed in a Tweet that they have switched studios from Bandai Namco to Retro Studios, who developed the original three Prime titles.

The video features Shinya Takahashi, Senior Managing Executive Officer for Nintendo, discuss that the decision was made because this fourth entry “has not reached the standards we seek in a sequel to the Metroid Prime series.”

They also stated that producer Kensuke Tanabe would “work in trust and collaboration with the studio that developed the original Metroid Prime series, Retro Studios in the United States, and restart development from the beginning.”

This essentially means that eager fans won’t be seeing Metroid Prime 4 for a good while yet. We will keep you updated if any other news arrives.

By HW Reynolds 

2 thoughts

  1. The delay of Metroid Prime 4’s release is really not cool. However, this news kinda assures to me that the game will definitely deliver an astounding performance since Retro Studios will finally be in charge of its development. I always had a doubt regarding MP4’s release since the developer company behind the making of 3 epic Metroid Prime games wasn’t affiliated to it. Furthermore, I hope Retro hasn’t lost their talent and will be able to produce a spectacular game. I hope that it’s not just for the nostalgia.


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