The first mainline Pokemon games on Nintendo Switch.

Just one day after the second trailer for Ryan Reynolds’ Detective Pikachu, Nintendo held a mini direct for the newest Pokemon games, Sword and Shield. The games will be released later this year and will be the first mainline Pokemon games (not counting the Pokemon Let’s Go spin-off) to be released on Nintendo Switch.

Check out the entire 7-minute direct below:

The direct revealed a look at the 3 new starter Pokemon for Sword and Shield.

Pokemon starters.jpg
The new starters for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield!

We also got a look at the setting for these new games, the Galar Region. The region seems to be made up of just one landmass this time around, featuring different areas.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Region
Welcome to the Galar Region!

Sword and Shield will be released later this year, with more news expected as the year goes on.

By Jimmy Ioannou

Images provided by Nintendo

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