No more friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man?

Update: Conflicting reports state that Sony and Marvel are still in negotiations, claiming that the dispute is due to a producers credit on the previous film, among other issues. For more details on the situation from the source, check out Deadline‘s article.

Update 2: Sony has released a statement on Twitter, which explains that they are disappointed in the decision made by Disney, but hope thing may change in the future. Check out the thread below:

Original: In an act that is sure to anger fans across the world, Spider-Man: Far From Home may very well be the last movie to feature the web-slinging hero in the MCU.

This is reportedly due to a dispute between both Disney and Sony over profit-sharing for the Spider-Man movies. This has led to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige pulling out of producing future Spider-Man movies.

Currently, it is unknown if Sony will continue the Spider-Man franchise with Tom Holland in their own universe, or whether any new negotiations will take place to improve relations.

Spider-Man: Far From Home grossed over $1 billion at the US box office, becoming Sony’s biggest movie of all time, beating out previous Spider-Man movies.

We will update you if the situation changes, but for now, Spider-Man is seemingly out of the MCU.

By Jimmy Ioannou

Images provided by Sony/Disney

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