Dive back in…

A new trailer for the Kingdom Hearts III ReMind DLC was released on the PlayStation State of Play stream. Check it out below:

The official description states: “In the upcoming DLC, players travel to a familiar realm and encounter powerful new bosses. In some of the additional battles, players will be able to switch characters. Players can also obtain additional Keyblades by downloading the free update.”

A big controversial point from Kingdom Hearts III was the lack of Final Fantasy characters, however, this new trailer has shown off more Final Fantasy characters in the Hollow Bastion setting from previous games.

The DLC introduces new keyblades, the ability to play certain scenarios/fights with other characters and more. Roxas, Aqua and Riku are some of the playable characters showcased, as well as a potential new character.

Kingdom Hearts III ReMind DLC is coming to PS4 on January 23rd 2020 and Xbox One on February 25th 2020.

By Jimmy Ioannou

Images provided by Kingdom Hearts/Twitter &Disney/Square Enix

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