Another spin-off to add to the collection…

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory has been officially announced by Square Enix via the release of trailer showcasing the gameplay and some details for the game. The trailer, however, has not been dubbed in English. You can watch it here:

Melody of Memory is a rhythm game set to the soundtrack and featuring moments from previous games in the franchise. According to a rough translation from the trailer, the game will possibly feature over 140 songs and will have an online mode. The second half of the trailer also seems to hint and some storyline continuation featuring Kairi from the main franchise. The Kingdom Hearts series is notorious for releasing countless spin-off titles, while also making them important to the story of the franchise as a whole.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will be released later this year on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

By Jimmy Ioannou

Images provided by Square Enix

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