The Future of Pokemon!

A live-stream about the future of the Pokemon franchise was held today, featuring announcements and details on new games and current. Check out the full stream below:

The first announcement centred around an app for children, Pokemon Smile. The app is designed to make brushing teeth more fun for kids and will be available as a free app on Apple and Android. The next announcement focuses on a new puzzle game, Pokemon Cafe MixPokemon Cafe Mix will be available for Nintendo Switch, Apple & Android products.

The biggest announcement came in the form of New Pokemon Snap. Pokemon Snap was released almost 20 years ago on the Nintendo 64, with fans clamouring for another entry into the beloved series for years. Rumours of a Wii U game never came to light, but we now finally have our first look at a Nintendo Switch entry. The game will feature Pokemon from the newer games and will be a completely new game, rather than just a remake of the original; it is expected to release later this year.

Pokemon Go also featured in this stream, with announcements that Niantic will be focusing on providing more ways to play the game, in a similar vein to how the game has worked during the recent world events. Galarian Farfetch’d is also now available in-game, and a big tease at the end hints at the introduction of Mega Evolutions. The newest Pokemon Go fest will also be a digital event this time around and will feature the mythical pokemon Victini.

With the release of the first DLC for Pokemon Sword & Shield, players will get the chance to win a shiny Zeraora. This will be accessible to all players if 1 million players defeat the Zeraora max raid battle.

Another Pokemon Presents will be live-streamed on June 24th 2020, where they’re hinting at a big project reveal. Many have speculated remakes of the Sinnoh games are on their way, but it could also be a newer title that may be announced. Make sure you’re paying attention on the 24th for some new Pokemon news!

By Jimmy Ioannou

Images provided by The Official Pokemon Youtube Channel

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