Reverbium is branching out into YouTube! 

Update:  The video was reuploaded due to a song issue, all problems have now been resolved.

While this venture will start off small scale, in the coming weeks you will witness a brand new podcast series and gameplay videos popping up on the channel and the website. The first video on the channel does not feature a voice-over, however, expect more commentary going forward. Watch our first video, featuring gameplay from Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone:

“A collection of clips I had saved on my PS4 while playing Modern Warfare. More videos will be on the way soon, with commentary to follow as my new microphone gets shipped in. These clips aren’t the best but were the ones I managed to record using the share feature, but enjoy nonetheless.

This channel will soon be home to a podcast and much more, so keep an eye out in the near future. This is the first video I have ever compiled and edited for YouTube, using the free application OpenShot to do so. Hopefully, I’ll have better equipment to be able to provide higher quality content in the future.”

Keep an eye out for more content coming soon on Reverbium.

By Jimmy Ioannou

Song Credit: KSI & Randolph – Beerus

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