Target Locked!

Ahead of the DC FanDome event on August 22nd, Rocksteady has casually announced their latest game. This time opting for the Suicide Squad over Batman. Not much information is available right now, but we expect to learn more later this month. A poster was revealed on twitter by Rocksteady, which some fans have theorised could be Bizarro instead of Superman.

A Suicide Squad game has been teased since the release of Batman Arkham Origins. A suicide Squad animated movie, Batman: Assault on Arkham, was also set in the same universe as the Arkham games.

Leaks and teasing from WB Montreal seem to indicate that this won’t be the only DC game to be announced. Montreal have teased a title called Gotham Knights for months now, seemingly a new Batman Arkham game. We will seemingly find out more on August 22nd. It is unknown whether either game is set in the Arkham Universe.

For some details on the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, click here.

By Jimmy Ioannou

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