The Doctor Returns to the Himalayas!

It has been confirmed that the next classic Doctor Who story, following the previously announced Galaxy 4, to be given the animation treatment is The Abominable Snowmen. 

This Six-Part story was the second serial from Season Five, running from 30th September 1967 to 4th November 1967 and stars Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor, appearing alongside Frazer Hines as Jamie McCrimmon and Deborah Watling as Victoria.

A teaser trailer for the release can also be seen below:

A synopsis has been provided, which reads:

Doctor Who: The Abominable Snowmen follows the Doctor as he returns to the Himalayas 300 years after his first visit to the Holy Ganta, an ancient relic he was given many centuries ago by the grateful monks at Det-Sen Monastery. 

On arriving, the Doctor is blamed for a series of brutal murders in the area, however companions Jamie McCrimmon and Victoria Waterfield discover the true culprits – the previously peaceful Yeti that live in seclusion on the mountainside have apparently turned violent.

The Doctor must convince the monks that not only is he not their enemy, but the real foe is living amongst them. Their ancient Master, Padmasambhava, is being controlled by an alien entity known only as the Great Intelligence.

Five of the six episodes of the story are currently missing from the BBC archives with only episode two and small fragments being retained. These will be included with the release.

It is currently to be confirmed what special features will be included with the release but we can expect a making-of documentary and a photo reconstruction of the five missing episodes.

By HW Reynolds

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