Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been saved from the clutches of Fox’s cancellation, and will be given new life under NBC. The revival was expected due to the massive amount of interest the show garnered by networks such as Hulu and Netflix after cancellation, but it was NBC who saved the day after both online streaming services passed on the show. NBC has renewed it for a 13 episode sixth season, shorter than most, but to make sure the show does not dip in quality.

Andy Samberg will return

The cast and crew have reacted on Twitter, thanking their fans for the support they’ve given towards the revival. Showrunner Dan Goor last night tweeted, “”Hey everyone, just wanted to say no big deal but …. NBC JUST PICKED #BROOKLYN99 UP FOR SEASON 6!!! Thanks in no small part to you, the best fans in the history of the world! Nine-nine!!!!!!!!!”


This means there is still hope out their for your favourite shows that have seen cancellation. We will keep you updated on any other shock renewals or cancellation in the Fox saga.

By Jimmy Ioannou

Images provided by NBC Entertainment/Twitter

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