Exciting female Trio, Hot Minute are emerging from the music scenes in Manchester.

Inspired by a variety of sounds that are clearly present in their debut song, ‘Magic’. Hot Minute describe themselves as synth-pop, a genre that became renowned in Japan in the late 1970s.

Hot Minute
K Hutchinson, B Casson and C Williams (Hot Minute)

The new single carries an essence of K-pop, a genre that origins from South Korea. K-pop has recently explored the ears of people across the globe and has stuck around to capture a new audience. Figures of K-pop, such as BTS are becoming a mainstream band in the US and the UK, having been featured on The Voice and Halsey featured on their most popular record, Boy with love, receiving almost 150 million hits on Spotify (as stands). Despite being in Korean, they have broken through the language barrier.

There is a growing urge in the west to listen to music with the particular synth sound. Hot Minute could be the answer.

Listen to Magic here:

Or here on Youtube:

The catchy vocals and mood swaying on the hook correlate with the listener’s heart to pulsate to the sound of the beat. The synth underlines an 80’s retro aspect, while the song itself is refreshing to the industry.

“Magic embodies taking the negative and flipping on its head to gain something positive,” vocalist Keely Hutchinson tells Rebecca Mason, showcasing the relative experiences they have been confronted with in the industry.

A successful debut for the trio is no doubt going to carve them a path to find an audience with an appreciation of their talents.

By Connor Taylor-Parton

Images provided by Hot Minute/Twitter/Facebook

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