“Your soul is mine!”

NetherRealm Studios released a trailer for the first DLC Kombat Pack, this one focusing on Shang Tsung‘s gameplay.

The trailer confirms that Nightwolf and Sindel will both be returning as playable characters in the pack, alongside the long-awaited debut of Spawn. The trailer also hints at two additional characters that will be available in the pack. While these two have not been confirmed, a chainsaw and the theme for the Terminator franchise can be heard near the end of the trailer, implying that Ash from Evil Dead and some form of the Terminator may be the next characters to be revealed.

The trailer also confirms that a ‘Klassic Arcade Ninja Skin Pack’ will be available for early access on June 18th, featuring classic skins for characters such as Scorpion and Sub Zero.

Shang Tsung will also be available for early access on June 18th.

By Jimmy Ioannou

Images provided by NetherRealm Studios

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