“The Faceless Ones follows on from The Macra Terror…”

The season four story, The Faceless Ones, is the next missing Doctor Who story to receive an animated release. It features Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor alongside companions Jamie, Polly and Ben and revolves around an alien race using airlines to steal identities.

Fittingly, The Faceless Ones follows on from The Macra Terror which was the previous story be animated. Unlike that story, however,  there are two episodes, 1 and 3, which exist in the BBC archives. Thanks to off-air audio recordings, minimal footage and still images it is possible for the BBC to bring another missing story to life.

Interestingly, it appears that all six episodes will be animated and will be in both colour and black and white to accompany the surviving episodes.

More details are sure to follow so keep an eye out for future articles!

By HW Reynolds 

Images provided by BBC

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