Doctor Who is back…

It’s been a while since Who fans last saw the announcement for Season 26, but at last, we have confirmation that the next classic Doctor Who season to get ‘The Collection’ treatment is Season 14.

Season 14 is Tom Baker’s third season which ran from 1976-1977 and starred Elisabeth Sladen and Louise Jameson as his companions Sarah Jane Smith and Leela. The latter appears in a typically fun new trailer for the set which can be seen below:

The cover art for this release is once again designed by Lee Binding and sees The Fourth Doctor in his iconic Sherlock Holmes-esque outfit from The Talons of Weng Chiang.

Doctor Who 14
Season 14 Collection [BBC]
Though a comprehensive list of special features hasn’t been released yet the online listing showcases some promising new additions including:

  • Immersive 5.1 surround sound for The Deadly Assassin.
  • Brand new audio commentaries – Tom Baker and Matthew Sweet on selected episodes of The Face of Evil and The Talons of Weng-Chiang.
  • Behind the Sofa – New episodes with Tom Baker, Louise Jameson, Philip Hinchcliffe, plus companions Sophie Aldred and Peter Purves.
  • Our Sarah Jane – Elisabeth Sladen Tribute – A feature-length look at the life and career of Sarah Jane Smith, played by Elisabeth Sladen.
  • Whose Doctor Who Revisited – Toby Hadoke meets the producers and grown-up stars of the very first Who Documentary.
  • In Conversation – Matthew Sweet chats to producer Philip Hinchcliffe.
  • Blu-ray trailer – Louise Jameson has trouble with her new home assistant.
  • Brand new interviews.
  • Rare archive material.
  • Convention footage.
  • HD photo galleries.
  • Scripts, costume designs, rare BBC production files and other gems from our PDF archive.

These new features will be accompanied by a wealth of existing features seen on the DVD releases as well as an additional booklet that will catalogue this array of VAM.

The set is expected to release on 20th April and is available to pre-order now.

By HW Reynolds

Images provided by BBC

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