BBC customer support has issued this message in response to emails referring to the technical issues listed in our last review.

“Thank you for contacting BBC DVD Support.

We will be offering replacements for the errors on Disc 3 (The Sontaran Experiment) and Disc 5 (Revenge of the Cybermen) in the Doctor Who The Collection Season 12 Blu-ray release.

In order to obtain a replacement, please email proof of purchase to this DVD Support line, in the form of a receipt from the retailer. If you do not have a receipt from the retailer, then please email a picture of the product with your full name and postal address in view.

The estimated time frame for the replacement to be available is 4-5 weeks.
Please allow some time for the replacement disc to reach you.

Kind regards
BBC DVD Support”

For more information, check out and follow this forum.

The email to try to contact is

This means that anyone who has purchased the set can receive fixed discs upon fulfilling the instructions listed above. It’s a great sign that the BBC are listening and I hope it bodes well for future Season Box Sets.

The BBC has started sending out replacement discs, check out our new article.

Update: Check out our newest article for more information on the situation!

By HW Reynolds

Images provided by BBC

10 thoughts

  1. Not at all clear on this. Would attaching a PDF of the invoice from Amazon to the email be all right? Or perhaps copying and pasting the order details into the body of the email? Can’t see any other way of proving the purchase other than attaching that and a picture of the box.


    1. Attach whatever proof of purchase you have, an invoice, any emails confirming it, a receipt maybe. We can’t promise that the BBC will respond, but this is the best option. Keep checking the forum we provided in case new information is provided. Sorry if this doesn’t help.


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