More news has come out from Comic-Con regarding the DC Universe streaming service. The biggest of which, was the announcement for a new show to join the ranks of Titans, Doom Patrol, Young Justice and the rest.

Stargirl follows Courtney Whitmore, a character commonly featured alongside the Justice Society of America. This isn’t Stargirl’s first appearance in live action, appearing in a recurring role on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and also an appearance on Smallville, although both shows will be unrelated to this project.

Geoff Johns revealed the announcement and will be writing and executive producing a 13 episode series. The character will be a younger version than previous appearances and will have a lighter tone than most other shows on the streaming service. Johns described the tone that they are aiming for as something similar to, “Superman the Movie and Wonder Woman.”

Not much else is known at this time, but we may get more information when the service is fully released.

By Jimmy Ioannou

Image from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 provided by DC/CW/Warner Bros.

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