Titans fans rejoice!

It has been confirmed that Titans will have a second season. The first season is yet to air, but the first three episodes were shown to fans and critics at New York Comic Con.

Despite backlash over certain characters appearances and early trailers, it looks like the first reactions have been very positive. Many stating that Titans may be another hit TV show for Warner Bros and DC.

The Doom Patrol spin-off was also confirmed by Geoff Johns to be releasing next year rather than this year, however fans will be treated to a surprise in the early episodes of Titans before their full appearance later in the series.

Mike Cecchini from Den of Geek also stated that fans would love Hawk and Dove and that the Doom Patrol teaser was “brilliantly weird”, with many other viewers exclaiming their love for Starfire and Robin, despite earlier controversies.

Star Brenton Thwaites (Robin/Dick Grayson) commented on the earlier criticism by fans, before Comic Con, “I understand that fans can react to certain things that they feel are strange… As an artist it is part of your heart that goes in to making these shows — you want to show the guys and the girls something they have not seen before. I feel we really should stay true to our own vibe and our own style. I take it with a grain of salt, but I do take it.”

It was announced that the show runners have rough plans for at least 3 seasons. Executive Producer Akiva Goldsman stated at Comic Con, “In early days we kind of grossly discussed the first three season just in very large blocks and obviously with serialized television what’s great these days is you can do set ups and pay offs at least within the season and there are also some that we hope will be able to pay off next season.”

‘Titans’ will feature a wide cast of comic book superheroes, including Robin/Nightwing (Brenton Thwaites), Raven (Teagan Croft), Starfire (Anna Diop), Beast Boy (Ryan Potter), Hawk (Alan Ritchson), Dove (Minka Kelly) and the Doom Patrol. With many other characters joining later on, including Donna Troy (Conor Leslie), who is set to make an appearance in episode 9 and later join the team, as well as Jason Todd/Robin (Curran Walters). Other characters will appear throughout the shows run.

Official poster for Titans, featuring Raven, Starfire, Beast Boy and Robin!

‘Titans’ will air on October 12th on the DC Universe Streaming Service in the US and Netflix internationally, and will be followed by its spin-off, ‘Doom Patrol’, (Featuring Joivan Wade as CyborgTimothy Dalton as Chief & Brendan Fraser as Robotman) sometime in 2019. More series will follow, including the likes of Swamp Thing, featuring newly cast Crystal Reed, Harley Quinn and the long awaited 3rd season of Young Justice. The recently announced Stargirl show starring Brec Bassinger will join this roster later in development.

By Jimmy Ioannou

Images provided by DC/Warner Bros.

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