A new ‘Dark Knight’ rises?

DC fans have been given a double dosage of news with an additional alleged twist as release dates are confirmed for the ‘Suicide Squad’ sequel and ‘The Batman’.

The sequel titled ‘The Suicide Squad’ has been given a release date of 6th August 2021, whilst ‘The Batman’ will come out earlier in the same year on 25th June 2021.

It has also been reported that Ben Affleck will be “stepping down” from the role of the caped crusader in order to accommodate a younger actor for the cowl and scowl.

Affleck offered his support of the film on his Twitter page, suggesting that this news is true:

It is possible that Affleck could return to the role in the future but for now, director Matt Reeves’ upcoming superhero film needs a new lead actor.

More news to follow as it comes.

This news comes just days after the tease released by Margot Robbie for the new ‘Birds of Prey’ movie. ‘Shazam!’, starring Zachary Levi, will be the next big DC movie, releasing in April 2019.

By HW Reynolds 

Images provided by Warner Bros/DC

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